First week of clinic…and birthdays

So my clinic buddy told me that I just have to show up and be prepared, and that’s most of the battle won. I showed up, and I was prepared, and I still believe that I lost the battle, but I’m going to keep showing up until I win the battle. My clients probably aren’t going to see any progress this semester, and I don’t know why they are coming to speech therapy, but that’s not my worry. It’s my supervisor’s. 

In other news, today is my 25th birthday. I suddenly feel the need to act like a grown adult now that I’m 25. Clinic makes me feel a bit older as well. It’s crazy to think that in one year, when I turn 26, I’ll have (mostly) finished my degree — just a few weeks of internship after that. 

Goals for the year?

Beyond the obvious “finish school and clinic”…

– READ books that aren’t textbooks — we encourage kids to read all the time, but all I read are emails and textbooks. Perelandra is first on my list. I hate that I keep rereading the same books, but it’s because I know they’re good, and I don’t want to waste my reading time on books that might be terrible.

– Finish my thesis project!

– Learn how to make Korean ddeok.

– Learn some more…Russian, Spanish, French, and German…at least to reading proficiency in all of these.

– Get on track to be published. (research: to do list)


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