• Language Problems Common for Kids with ADHD Children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are nearly three times more likely to have language problems than kids without ADHD, according to new research.
  • ‘Like Little Vacuum Cleaners’, Kids Suck Up Swear Words: “I think it’s part of them learning about their emotions and emotional expression and how their parents handle emotion,” Jay says. “So I think if you look at it as just part of being angry or frustrated or happy or surprised, that is all normal. That’s built into all of us.”
  • UAE Audiologist develops Arabic-language test for hearing loss: Testing people in their native languages is crucial for measuring their hearing loss, even if they fluently speak another language, such as English, researchers say.
  • Brain Appears Hardwired for Some Aspects of Language: The understanding that language is hard-wired helps to explain why language is so constrained. For example, people blog, they don’t lbog, and they schmooze, not mshooze.
  • Language Moves your Inner DancerThese were not the first researchers to find evidence in support of the theory of embodied simulation, the notion that we understand the meanings of words by activating the parts of our brains we use to interact with them. (E.g., I know what you mean when you say “e-mail,” the theory goes, because motor regions of the brain I use to place my fingers on a mouse, and to move my eyes across a screen, are activated when I hear the word.)

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