Preventing Dementia: Exercise

According to a recent study detailed at, exercising in your twenties is an effective method of preventing cognitive decline. This longitudinal study of 2747 participants tested cardiovascular health of the participants and then 25 years later tested the participants’ cognitive function. They concluded that “better verbal memory and faster psychomotor speed at ages 43 to 55 years were clearly associated with better CRF 25 years earlier.”

Another source shows that exercise has a direct effect on neural activity:

This study is of interest to speech pathologists because it demonstrates one factor that influences language ability in older populations. Also, speech pathologists need to keep their verbal memory so that they can continue practicing, so the practical application: speech pathologists should exercise to stay good at their jobs.

Further, the lungs are an integral part of the speech system since respiration is required for phonation. Exercise keeps the lungs healthy and therefore is recommended for speech health.

The takeaway? Exercise for brain health and future speech preservation.



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