Thickened liquids: fruit ice cream

This post is an ode to Yonanas.



I purchased my Yonanas on clearance from Bi-Lo for twelve dollars. It was a wonderful use of those twelve dollars. Yonanas is available at Amazon for fifty dollars. Students: this machine is key to getting through graduate school. It allows you to stress eat ice cream and stay healthy.

How it works: you place frozen fruit into the Yonanas. It blends it into the consistency of ice cream. You eat fruit and feel like you’re eating ice cream. Bananas are recommended, but all types of frozen fruit work. Mixing berries with bananas is the best.

Yonanas is wonderful for those who are on a liquid diet because the fruit does not melt and turn into a liquid once it enters your mouth, so there is a lower risk of aspiration.

One note: you want to make sure you freeze your bananas well. This means wait until the bananas are starting to brown before putting them in the freezer, taking them out of the peel before freezing them (I had the unfortunate experience of trying to unpeel a frozen banana…I would not recommend ever attempting this. I think I almost got frostbite.), and ensuring that no air can enter the bag so that your banana doesn’t taste like freezer burn. Although the freezer burn would contribute to the authentic taste of ice cream, it is not worth the sadness. Seal up your bags very well. Use bags made for the freezer and not sandwich bags.

Here are some combinations of flavors that have worked well:

Banana Berry or Banana Cherry

Banana Berry

2 bananas
1 box of strawberries (greens removed)
a drop of vanilla
a dash of cinnamon

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip

2 frozen bananas
1 oz mint dark chocolate
1 splash of vanilla

Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Coconut 


2 frozen ripe bananas, 2 oz dark chocolate, 1⁄4 cup shredded coconut

1. Insert one frozen banana
2. Add 2 oz dark chocolate
3. Insert second frozen banana
4. Stir in bowl to combine
5. Sprinkle coconut on top of chocolate Yonanas


For more Yonanas combinations, see .


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