Knitting and cognition

Sometimes, reading the news can be wonderful.

Behold, the article: This is your brain on knitting (CNN).

In my graduate program, there are a lot of knitters. I’m not sure what underlies the speech pathology/knitting correlation, but the effects of knitting could be very useful for speech pathology students.

Apparently, knitting — a legitimate meditation replacement — has the following benefits:

1. Stress reduction

2. Prevent mild cognitive impairment

3. Depression alleviation

4. Inflammation reduction

5. Parasympathetic nervous system activation

6. Dopamine release

7. Improved self-efficacy

8. Protection against dementia

All of these benefits of course help graduate students. Less stress? Less neurodegeneration? Yes, please.

I also see some benefit for older speech clients. Perhaps our field should grow to encompass knitting therapy as a neuroprotective strategy.


Need some inspiration?

World Vision has a program called Knit for Kids. Knit for two good causes: your health and world help. Patterns are available here.

More free patterns available in a Kindle book, New Favorites from Lion Brand.


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